Last time we showed you some of the more interesting Cycling Apps we have come across and which are included in our Interactions Smart App Directory. The Atlantic Cities have recently launched their Crowd Sourcing AppMyCity! Prize celebrating mobile applications that improve the urban experience, connect people, and make cities more fun, fair, vibrant, and sustainable places.

Following on from our introduction to smart apps for smarter travel, we would like to show you some of the more interesting ones we have come across recently. First up are some cycling apps: BikeMyMoney calculates the amount of money, CO2 and fuel saved over your normal car journey...

As part of Interactions’ role in the EU urban sustainable travel initiative CIVITAS PLUS , we investigated the variety and use of digital media and smart apps in engaging citizens and encouraging ‘smarter travel’. The results provide for interesting reading. As a result, we created the ‘Interactions Smart Travel Apps Directory’, regularly updated at, providing the latest smart apps in terms of mode, brief description and origin.

The kick-off METPEX meeting, held at the end of 2012 in the University of Coventry marks the official launch of the project. Running from 2012-2014 and financed under the EC’s FP7 Transport Call, the METPEX project will develop an inclusive passenger experience measurement tool for European transport providers validated through its use across 8 sites of varying transport complexity.

The European branch of the World Health Organization has developed the Health Economic Assessment Tool (HEAT) for walking and cycling. The HEAT tool is an online resource to estimate the economic savings resulting from reductions in mortality as a consequence of regular cycling and/or walking.

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